The Armored Group unveils BATT S AP vehicle

The Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT)
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The Armored Group (TAG) has launched a new version of its Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) vehicle, the ‘S’ armoured personnel (AP) vehicle series. The BATT S AP has been developed with advanced safety features and tactical capabilities for the deployment and extraction of personnel, and medic services.

The BATT S AP is specifically designed for law enforcement agencies that need armoured personnel vehicles capable of protecting against NIJ IV and .50 caliber ball round threats, but have limited budgets available to outfit their tactical teams.

The vehicle offers maximum protection on a patrol-sized Ford F-550 chassis, and allows for the movement of 12-14 fully geared officers. With the Ford OEM hood, TAG has incorporated engine bay armour protection behind the fenders, behind the headlights and under the hood – a process which lowers both production costs and weight constraints.

Robert Pazderka, president and founder of TAG, said: ‘Because of its protection level, deployment and operational capabilities, size and cost, the BATT S AP has quickly become a crucial tool and economical solution for many law enforcement agencies across the country. We were aware of the financial limitations that many agencies have these days and it appears the BATT S AP provides a great solution. In order to offer them additional financial assistance we provide free grant writing for our units that are eligible for grants through the GSA 1122 programme.’

by the Shephard News Team

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