IAG continued expansion into manufacturing armored vehicles for home land securit

Armored Water Cannon Trucks
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As part of International Armored Group’s continued expansion into manufacturing specialized armored vehicles for home land security, we are proud to introduce our latest vehicle line up, the Armored Water Cannon Truck series. These armored trucks offer the highest levels of protection in the industry for armored Water Cannon Trucks, from CEN B6 and B7 up to STANAG 4569 Level 1 and 2 protection.

Custom-built from the ground up, the Armored Water Cannon Trucks are available in either 4×4 or 6×6 configuration, Euro 3 to Euro 5 compliant turbo-diesel engines with 300L protected fuel tank that can provide up to 480 HP and 2,200 NM (1622 lb-ft) of torque, manual or automatic transmission, left or right hand drive, double reduction front and rear axles, 2-speed transfer case with permanent all wheel drive and 100% differential locking systems. Specialty features include camera and recording system, strobe lights, sirens, Public Announcement system, wire cutters, run flat tires, Tire Shield System, radio communications and 24V EMI protection. Tilt cabin, roof flaps and side wing doors allow all components to be easily accessed for maintenance while offering complete protection during operations. All doors feature protection against external removal attempts.

To provide power to all water cannons and spray nozzles, an independent 280 HP engine-pump unit is equipped with each vehicle. This engine-pump provides a flow rate of 4000LPM, allowing each of the two roof-mounted water cannons, to shoot water up to 65 meters. The water cannons are equipped with cameras capable of providing 360 degree rotation and visibility. In addition, a remote controlled, front bumper mounted water cannon is also provided, with a shooting range of 50 meters. All water is stored in a large capacity 14,000L tank at the back of the vehicle.

In order to protect the tires and body of the vehicle from fire and chemical attacks, high pressure spray nozzles that release either water or fire-retardant foam are equipped throughout the entire exterior. Additional defensive counter-measures include high pressure water jet nozzles on the sides and rear of the vehicle, powerful enough to push back and disperse crowds without causing bodily harm. Tear gas and colored water can also be dispensed to further aid the rear and side jet nozzles.


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