Vietnam broadening its repair capabilities Su-27 and Su-30 fighter aircrafts

Vietnam builds capacity of maintenance and overhaul line for Su-27 and Su-30 without sending it to abroad.

Vietnam officially inaugurates a maintenance line in Da Nang’s «Factory A32» of the Department of Techniques of the Air Defence and Air Force Service  for Su-27 and Su-30 fighters.

Other countries have had real problems waiting for Russian support, so moving more of that support in-country will boost the fighter fleet’s availability.

To date, Vietnam has ordered and received 12 of Su-27 aircraft. In 2004, it also acquired 4 modified variants of the Su-30 MK2V, newer models of the Su-27. In May 2009, they inked a deal to procure additional 12 aircraft from the Russians to bolster their ageing fleet.

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