Video of tactical drills of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces

Group of Special Operations Forces of Ukraine conducted  tactical drills in Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone (is a term often used by the media and government of Ukraine to identify territory where the war in Donbass takes place) and landed troops from Mi-8 helicopters.

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces is an elite formation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Lithuanian Special Operations Force  is a special operation unit of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, formed exclusively of carefully selected, motivated and specially trained professionals.

The main tasks of the Special Operations Force are counter terrorism, special reconnaissance, and hostage rescue.

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces assets undertake a number of roles, with a degree of interaction and interoperability:

  • Counter-terrorism
  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Covert reconnaissance
  • Special reconnaissance
  • Direct action
  • Close protection
  • Counter-revolutionary warfare
  • Reconnaissance of the deep battlespace
  • Offensive operations in the deep battlespace
  • Battlespace preparation in transition to war
  • Infrastructure disruption
  • Capture of subjects of interest
  • Defence diplomacy
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