Uzbekistan buys Airbus C295W military medium transport aircraft

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Uzbekistan buys Airbus C295W military medium transport aircraft, featuring winglets and enhanced engine settings.

On the purchase of Uzbek aircraft S295W not previously reported. Expected Uzbekistan has ordered four Airbus C295W.

The Airbus Military C295 is a new generation, very robust and reliable, highly versatile tactical airlifter able to carry up to nine tonnes of payload or up to 71 personnel, at a maximum cruise speed of 260 kt /480 km/h. Fitted with a retractable landing gear and a pressurised cabin, it can cruise at altitudes up to 25,000 ft, while retaining remarkable short take-off & landing (STOL) performance from unprepared short, soft and rough airstrips, as well as low level flight characteristics.

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