Ultimate Aviation Group unveils Viper 1000c Unmanned Aerial System at AAD 2016 expo

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Ultimate Aviation Group  unveiled a new Viper 1000c Unmanned Aerial System at AAD 2016 Africa Aerospace and Defense airshow in South Africa.

The VIPER 1000C is a purpose-built UAS that has been created to provide a vast array of customers with real-time day/night high definition (HD) imagery and infrared capabilities over vast operational areas.

Secure imagery can be broadcast in real-time to multiple ground stations as well as to remote ground response teams with handheld remote viewing terminals.

VIPER 1000C is designed to perform intelligence and surveillance missions with the following criteria:

  • Real-time theatre intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Coastal, off-shore surveillance; naval and law enforcement applications
  • Anti-terrorism, border surveillance, anti-smuggling and anti-piracy
  • Pollution, forest-fire detection and surveillance
  • Civil and government security, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, natural disasters and environmental protection
  • Mapping, urban planning and topographical quantification determination for mining sector

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