Ukroboronservice repaired S-300PS air-defense system for the needs of Air Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Ukroboronservice, being incorporated with Ukroboronprom State Concern, together with Command of Air Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine signed the acceptance certificate of air-defense system S-300PS after an intermediate repair on life extension by 5 years.

The next air-defense system S-300PS, the repairing of which is currently being finalized at Ukroboronservice, will have been transferred to a unit of Air Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine by the end of June with the extension of life service by 7 years.

In the beginning of July the transfer of another air-defense system ‘Buk-M1’ is expected. During the repair of the next ‘Buk-M1’ air-defense system it is envisaged that Ukroboronservice’s specialists will for the first time mount on it a modern Ukrainian radar station, developed at State Enterprise Scientific and Production Complex ‘Iskra’, instead of Russian one.

“Under the conditions of stable financing, Ukroboronprom’s companies are able in sufficiently close perspective to upgrade air defense system of Ukraine qualitatively,” Yuriy Tereshchenko, Ukroboronprom’s Temporary Acting Director General said. He emphasized that actions towards the strengthening the sky space of the country is the important direction of Concern’s activity.

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