Ukraine upgrades its unique amphibious Mi-14 helicopters

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The Ukrainian Naval Forces have announced plans to upgrade its fleet of unique amphibious Mi-14PL helicopters.

Unique military amphibious Mi-14PL helicopters are being refurbished at the State Enterprise «Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant «Aviakon» (part of UkrOboronProm concern).  The Ukrainian military show «Tehnika Viyny» released photographs and a video showing the first Mi-14PL helicopter on SE «Aviakon».

January 11, 2017, Ukrainian Naval Forces announced a tender for the technological preparation of production, repair Mi-14PL its ground and flight tests. According to reports of UkrOboronProm, «Aviakon» – conducting modernization and overhaul reconditioning of Mil family helicopters in accordance with NATO standard AQAR 2120.

The Mi-14 is a Soviet shore-based nuclear-capable amphibious anti-submarine helicopter derived from the earlier Mi-8. The Mi-14PL is a special version of anti-submarine warfare helicopter, equipped with towed APM-60 MAD, OKA-2 sonobuoys and a retractable Type 12-M search radar, armed with a single AT-1 or APR-2 torpedo, one Skat nuclear depth bomb, eight depth charges.

According to the open sources, the Mi-14 helicopter has a length of 25.24 m, a main rotor diameter of 21.29 m, a width of 3.8 m, a height of 6.93 m, an empty weight of 8,900 kg, a normal take-off weight of 13,400 kg, a maximum take-off weight of 14,500 kg, a maximum speed of 230 km/h, a cruise speed of 210 km/h, an operational range of 200 km, a service ceiling of 4,00 m, a crew of four pilots, and a payload of 2,000 kg.

Today these helicopters are in service with the Polish and Ukrainian Naval Aviation.

Mi-14PL helicopter on SE «Aviakon (c) «Tehnika Viyny»

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