Ukraine carries out control flight tests of midrange anti-aircraft missiles

The Ukrainian Armed Forces carry out a practical phase of control flight tests of midrange anti-aircraft missiles in Kherson oblast. Chief of General Staff General V.Muzhenko observes the tests.

This event is aimed at gaining combat experience of use of anti-aircraft missile systems, inspecting quality of renewed ammunition, working out practical tasks with combat and simulated launches of anti-aircraft guided missiles.

All security measures were taken before the tests. The missile tests are carried out in the airspace of Ukraine over the open sea in accordance with all the international norms.

Russia has put air defence units on alert and deployed warships along the west coast of Crimea after the Ukrainian military fired surface to air missiles over the Black Sea in a show of strength military that has riled the Kremlin.

The Russian government, which annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, has called the drills a “dangerous precedent” and initially threatened to shoot down the missile.

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