UK Floats Idea of New Support Vehicle for Marines

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The Royal Marines could get a new fleet of amphibious all-terrain support vehicles if the Ministry of Defence pushes ahead with a program to replace the BAE-built BV206 machines currently used by Britain’s elite commando force.

The procurement plan for the new vehicle is in its formative stages but information released by the MoD’s Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) arm shows the Marines are considering buying some 233 machines at an expected cost of around £230 million (US $360.3 million).

The British are looking to field troop-carrying, mortar, ambulance, command, repair and logistic flatbed variants of the vehicle.

The aging BV206s currently undertake training, logistic support and other roles but the Marines have for a number of years used the vehicle’s better-protected and larger big brother, the BvS10 Viking, for front-line operations.

An MoD spokesman said the Future ATV (F/ATV) would likely be tasked to replicate the BV206’s current role.


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