UAVs Sparrow are ready for production testing by Ukrainian Armed Forces

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“Unmanned Aircraft Complexes « Sparrow» have already passed the departmental tests. We hope that these UAVs will soon undergo production testing by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was announced by director of UOP enterprise SFTE “Spetstehnoeksport” Pavlo Barbul in the framework of international exhibition “Arms and Security 2016.”

UAVs «Sparrow» are designed for tactical close and medium-range reconnaissance. Speed of deployment, simplicity and reliability, resistance to mechanical and thermal effects, protection from moisture make “Sparrow” indispensable for tactical reconnaissance groups.

Moreover, due to its small size and special materials, these UAVs can conduct visual reconnaissance, while remaining undetected both visually and by the radar.

It should be noted  that “Sparrow” transmits not only the full picture of the study area, but also determines the type of enemy vehicle and its coordinates, on-line transmitting this data to the control panel.

The developer of unmanned complex is a private enterprise “Spaytek.”

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