Two armenian military helicopters spotted flying above Yerevan

Two military helicopters of Armenian Air Force were spotted  hovering for 10 minutes over the patrol police station that remains under the control in Yerevan ( is the capital and largest city of Armenia).

But  Armenia’s Founding Parliament movement says both helicopters probably belong to the Russian 102nd military base in Gyumri.

Earlier the gunmen seized the compound 10 days ago and have been demanding the release of an opposition leader arrested last month on weapons charges. Reports say one man has been killed, and several wounded.

The deadly storming of a police station by a little-known Armenian political grouping has sparked a tense drama in Yerevan, as the gunmen demand the release of their jailed leader in exchange for police officers they are holding hostage.

When more than a dozen gunmen attacked the Erebuni police station on July 17, they killed one officer, reportedly a police colonel, and wounded six other people. The crisis then moved into protracted negotiations, and three of the seven hostages were freed on July 18.

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