Tiger Police Armored Personnel Carrier

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The HK”Tiger”APC is based on the chassis of the Ford F550 and the body’s protection level is B5 or B6 according to CEN standard.The”Tiger”APC’s appearance adopted most advanced APC’s appearance design. Five door’s bulletproof body not only have high anti-bullet performance but also ensure warriors rapidly getting on and off the cabin.

200L fuel tank ensure the ability of cruise and the “Tiger”APC can provide four or six off-road tires for use’s choice.The”Tiger”APC can be installed antiriot equipments,command equipments or attack equipments,so it’s the best choice for all military or paramilitary, police department’s missions.

Technical Date
Engine:EFI Gasoline 6.8L/V10 266kw
Transmission:5-speed Electric Automatic
Number of Passenger:2+2+6 人Persons
Max Speed:130km/h
Fuel Tank:main tank 150L+auxiliary tank 50L
Steering System:Power-assisted Steering
Protection level:Six Sides B5 or B6 According To CEN standard
Basic Equipments
Four or Six Off-road Tires with Run Flat Inserts
Shooting Port
6000Kcal AC
Rear Image System
LED Flasher and Siren
Exhaust Fan



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