Thailand Looks to Buy 12 Mi-17V5 Helicopters to Replace the CH-47D Chinook

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Thailand looks to ordered 12 transport helicopters Mi-17V5 from Russia to replace the CH-47D Chinook of US-made.

That was reported by

Thailand wants to buy helicopters Mi-17V5 Russia, first of all to carry out remedial works to natural disasters and emergencies, as well as to ensure the deployment of troops. That was said Royal Thai Army, General Thirachay Nakvanit.

Russian defense industry reported, that Thailand is in talks with Russia to buy a second batch of Mil Mi-17V5 helicopters (NATO reporting name “Hip”), in addition to the six aircraft it already has.

Mi-17V-5 is a military transport variant in the Mi-8/17 family of helicopters. It is produced by Kazan Helicopters, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters.

Designed to transport cargo inside the cabin and on an external sling, the Mi-17V-5 is one of the world’s most advanced helicopters. It can also be deployed in troop and arms transport, fire support, convoy escort, patrol, and search-and-rescue (SAR) missions.

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