T-27 Tucano of Brazilian Air Force made an emergency landing in Pirassununga

Photo by Alexandre de Oliveira
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The Embraer T-27 Tucano of Brazilian Air Force made a forced landing after technical problems in Pirassununga.

A training aircraft model Tucano T-27 made the Air Force Academy (AFA) made a forced landing on the afternoon of Thursday (28 July) in the Morro da Cantareira, rural Pirassununga (SP). The pilot, the only crew on board, was not injured, said the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

De acordo com o Centro  de Comunicação Social da Aeronáutica, o T-27 apresentou problemas técnicos e pousou em uma fazenda. Em nota, a AFA afirmou que “iniciou as investigações dos fatores que contribuíram para a ocorrência”.

The Embraer T-27 Tucano  is a low-wing tandem-seat single-turboprop basic trainer with counter-insurgency capability developed in Brazil.

A total of 118 T-27s were purchased by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) with an option for a further 50 aircraft. On 29 September 1983, the first units were delivered as an aerobatic demonstration aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force Demonstration Squadron, the “Smoke Squadron” (Esquadrilha da Fumaça), and the first demonstration took place in December the same year. In 1990, the FAB confirmed an order of 10 units from the 50 options held from the original Tucano contract in 1980. Eventually, the FAB received the remaining 40 aircraft, raising the total number of delivered units to 168.