Serbia unveils new Sumadija missile system at Partner 2017

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Serbian Defense Company Yugoimport has developed a new universal launching rocket and missile launcher called Sumadija, which the firm revealed at the Partner 2017,  the International Fair of Armaments and Defense Equipment that takes place in Belgrade, Serbia.

The new Sumadija is a universal launching platform is able to fire the unguided rocket Jerina 2 or guided missile Jerina 1. The Sumadija launcher vehicle is equipped at the rear with traversable platform fitted with pods of launcher tubes which can launch surface-to-surface rockets. The system has four rockets or missile in the ready-to-launch position.

The new multiple rocket and missile launcher system based on an 8×8 Tatra truck chassis and has armoured crew cab and a cabin to operate the launcher station. The crew can and the cabin provides a protection against firing of small arms and shell splinters.

The Jerina 1 missile has a range of 285 km and Jerina 2 has a maximum range of 75 km.

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