Serbia Develops Sumadija Tactical Missile With Ranges Exceeding 280 Km

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Serbia’s Yugoimport-SDPR has developed a new Sumadija guided artillery rocket with ranges exceeding 280 km.

The new Sumadija tactical missile was formally unveiled at IDEX 2017 defence exhibition. The Sumadija is designed for destruction of enemy area targets such as military bases, airports, ports and port facilities, important transport nodes and crossroads, factories and other significant immovable objects on land at distances of up to 280 km.

The Sumadija missile is intended for use against high-value, well-fortified, fixed targets and is armed with a 200-kg high-explosive or fragmentation warhead.

Yugoimport-SDPR reported that the Sumadija has a diameter of 400 mm, a length of 8250 mm, a total weight of 1502 kg, and a 200 kg warhead.

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