Russian Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers conducted air missions near Alaska

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Two Russian TU-95 Bear bombers were spotted flying about 41 miles off the coast of Alaska on Tuesday, just hours after two US F-22 fighter jets intercepted the same type of Russian aircraft in the area.

That was reported by CNN.

An E-3 surveillance aircraft was scrambled in response to the second sighting of Russian bombers off the Alaskan coast in 24 hours, a US defense official told CNN.
According to Russian Defence Ministry, Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers covered by Su-35S multipurpose fighters conducted air missions over neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean along the Aleutian Islands.
Pilots of the long-range aviation carry out flights over the Atlantics, Arctic, Black Sea, and Pacific Ocean. All flights are carried out in strict observance of the international law.
According to the spokesperson for the North American Aerospace Defence Ashley Peck, the flight of Russian aircraft near Alaska was professional and safe.