Russian Su-35 fighter jet launched unguided rockets in Syria

Syrian Jihadist-led offensive in Hama advances, the jihadists and allied fighters have taken 11 towns and villages from government troops since they began the surprise offensive on Tuesday.

Hama province is of strategic importance to Assad’s government, separating opposition forces in Idlib from Damascus to the south and the regime’s coastal heartlands to the west.
The offensive is being spearheaded by the Tahrir al-Sham alliance, which is dominated by jihadist Fateh al-Sham Front, a former Al-Qaeda affiliate.

Russian Air Force conducted nonstop airstrikes on the jihadists outposts around Kawkab, Ma’ardis, Suran, Taibat al-Imam, Idlib and Al-Lataminah. During Russia’s airstrike was spotted newest Su-35 fighter jet when he launched unguided rockets on the jihadists position.

The Su-35, a heavily upgraded version of the Sukhoi Su-27, is a 4++ generation aircraft produced since 2007. Russian Aerospace Forces currently employ 48 Sukhoi-35S multirole fighter aircraft. However, due to the aircraft’s exemplary performance during the airborne campaign in Syria, Russian military decided to requisition 50 additional warplanes of this type.

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