Russian «Sovershenny» corvette begins sea trials

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Today, the newest Russian «Sovershenny» corvette, which had been built at the Amursky ship yard, has left for sea in order to hold trials.

The corvette’s crew jointly with the ship yard representatives will check systems and mechanisms of the ship, including operability of power plant, steering control, additional mechanisms, communication and navigation equipment, and anchor arrangement.

The plant trials are one of the obligatory stages of ship-building process. The trials are held in order to check operability of all systems and mechanisms.

The «Sovershenny» is a Steregushchiy class corvette, the newest class of corvette in the Russian Navy.  The first ship was designated Project 2038.0 (or 20380) by the Russian Government; subsequent vessels were built to an improved design, Project 20381. At 2,200 tons it is large for a corvette and is designated as a frigate by NATO.

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