Russian Missile formation of the Baltic Fleet’s Coastal Troops holds an exercise in the Kaliningrad Region

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According to the combat training plan of the Baltic Fleet, missile formation of the Baltic Fleet’s Coastal Troops is holding an exercise in the Kaliningrad Region.

The servicemen have been put on combat alert and performed a long march to the assigned district in the course of which they practiced repelling attacks of imaginary enemy sabotage groups and airstrikes, overcoming of infected areas and different obstacles.

The deployment of the missile units have been effectuated stealthily under cover of the Su-24 tactical bombers and Mi-24 transport-combat helicopters of the Baltic Fleet naval aviation.

Group and individual missile launches with multiple position changing will become the culmination of the exercise.

The task performance will be made more difficult by jamming environment.

The exercise will last until the end of the week.

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