Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter observed with new OES-52 observation and sighting system

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The Ka-52 attack helicopter was observed with new under nose OES-52 observation and sighting system. That was reported by .

The updated version of new Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter was spotted  near Schelkovo (Moscow region), on August 10, 2016, during an initial test flight.

The OES-52 (also named ECO-52) optronic turret mounted under nose developed by  the Research and Production Corporation Precision Instrumentation Systems (JSC SPC CPR) company.

Ka-52 helicopter equipped with one OES-52 observation and sighting system in place of the incumbent GOES-451 sensor.  The OES-52 system provides full day/night support for all missions: observation, reconnaissance and target identification, along with the operation of its weapon systems.

(с) Nokilay /

(с) Nokilay /

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