Russian futuristic-looking armored vehicles spotted in Crimea

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The new Russian Falcatus futuristic-looking armored vehicles were spotted in the largest cities in the Crimea.

The Republic of Crimea, officially part of Ukraine but in early 2014 Crimea became the focus of the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War, after Kremlin-backed forces seized control of the Crimean peninsula, and the territory, which has a Russian-speaking majority, voted to join Russia in a referendum that Ukraine and the West deem illegal.

The Falcatus, also called «Karatel», is an armored futuristic-looking personnel carrier designed for the country’s special forces.

The Falcatus can carry 10 people into combat in various seating positions. Armored vehicle  based on double-axle chassis  KAMAZ-4911.

According to some source in the Russian media, Falcatus is powered by a Cummins inline-4 diesel engine with 183bhp, through a five speed manual gearbox to all four wheels. Despite the futuristic styling, it uses traditional leaf springs and drum brakes.

The Falcatus now uses by the Center for Special Purpose (CSN) of the Federal Security Service of Russia.

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