Russian «Eleron-3SV» UAV lost over Syria

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An Russian «ELERON-3SV» was lost while flying over the principal port city of Syria, according to a defense official.

Jabhat al-Nusra shot down a $55,000 Syria-operated «Eleron-3SV» intelligence UAV over Latakia.


Remote surveillance system «Eleron-3SV» is used for near – distance operations. It allows to spy round-the-clock using optical and electronic tools. The system can observe above –ground environment, it is used for country borders protection and other territory observations. Coasts, railways, highways can also be observed by the system and rescue operations team may use the system effectively.

The manufacturer and the country: ZAO “Enix”, Russia
Engine: Electric
Dimensions: length – 0,635 m, width – 1.47 m
Weight: Take-off weight – 4.3 kg.
Performance: Speed – 70-130km / h, duration of flight: up to 2 hours, the maximum height – 5000m


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