Russian Air Force receives new batch of Su-34 front-line bombers

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The Russian Defense Ministry has received the first batch of Su-34 front-line bombers in this year.

That was reported by

A batch of Su-34 newest bombers has been introduced into the aviation formation of the Eastern MD.

In the nearest future, the aircraft will be involved in the flight tactic exercises in course of summer training period. Su-34 are designed to engage ground and surface targets as well as moving objects in any weather conditions at day- and nighttime.

The Su-34 is a 4+ generation aircraft in terms of operational capabilities and can attack land-based, sea and airborne targets during the night and in all weather conditions using airborne munitions, including high-precision types.

The twin-seat fighter bomber features long-range aiming systems and a modern on-board communication and information exchange system linked to ground control stations, ground troops, surface ships and aircraft.

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