Russia makes progress on first locally built light military transport aircraft

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The Voronezh Aircraft Production Plant (Russian acronym VASO), which part of  United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), has started construction of the second prototype of new IL-112V light military transport aircraft for.

According to the company, a second prototype (serial number 01-02) will be used for full-scale fatigue and static testing to satisfy type-certification requirements.

At the same time, the first IL-112V light military transport aircraft prototype (serial number 01-01) has arrived at the final assembly workshop and expected to be fully completed before the end of March-April. According to unofficial information, the first flight of the prototype 01-01 is now scheduled for the second half of 2018.

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The IL-112V is a first Russian built light military transport aircraft developed under a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defence for replacing the An-26 aircraft. The aircraft is an Ilyushin-developed light military transport aircraft, designed for transporting and parachuting of military equipment and personnel, as well as of various cargos.

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The Il-112V will be equipped with two TV7-117ST Russian turboprop engines with a maximum power of 3500HP and fitted with AV-112 propellers. With a maximum take-off mass of 21t, the IL-112V will have a cruising speed of 450-500km/h, maximum flight altitude of 7600m, and a 3.5t payload flying range of 2400km. Also on aircraft will be installed the advanced President-S onboard defense system designed to protect from being hit by missiles, air defense and anti-aircraft artillery.

Mass production of the new light military transport aircraft is scheduled for 2019 at VASO after all state tests are completed.

Ilyushin Il-112V’s assembly line

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