Russia in 2015 will receive new Sarmat missile systems

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Russia in 2015 will receive new Sarmat missile systems. New strategic missile system called Sarmat is expected to become available by – 2020 – and replace Voyevoda missiles which are classified in the West as Satan (SS-18). The first prototype of a new missile system will be ready in 2015.

Sarmat missile will weigh over 110 tonnes and its multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles will be able to manoeuvre when approaching the target.
This will allow them to pierce the missile defense the United States is building on our border and the ones it will create in the future. No system will be able to track a missile or its warheads flying along their individual ballistic trajectories if they suddenly veer off their paths and travel on at supersonic or even hypersonic speed keeping close to the surface, changing the course and altitude. Such missiles cannot be destroyed.

“We need modern compact armed forces. We have adopted a program to this end. It sets an ambitious goal and requires an enormous amount of money – up to 20 trillion roubles – which has yet to be invested. What we are talking about is modern weapons,” said president Vladimir Putin.

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