Russia Displays its Newest Uragan-1M Multiple Rocket Launcher for the First Time

The newest Russian Uragan-1M multiple rocket launcher has been displayed to the public during military drills on an artillery range in the Leningrad region.

That was reported in Russian social media

The Uragan-1M is a multi-caliber multiple launch rocket system developed by JSC NPO Splav, part of the Rostec Corporation. The Uragan-1M which was developed from 2012 through 2015, is capable of firing 220mm and 300m rockets, depending on which rocket container is mounted on the MZKT-7930 chassis.

The system is designed for striking troops, armor, artillery units, air defense systems, helicopters on heli-pads, destroying fortifications, communications and other infrastructure.

In September 2016, Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, Yury Borisov stated that the new system was being supplied to the Russian Army.

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