Royal Thai Navy Signed Contract for Procurement of Saab Arthur Weapon Locating Radar

ARTHUR is an acronym for "Artillery Hunting Radar", a mobile Passive electronically scanned array C-Band radar system (photo : Royal Thai Marine Corps)
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Admiral Narong Pipattana as Naval Commander presided over the signing of the purchase contract for the land system and is signed with Mr. Per Jakobsson, Director of Marketing & Sales Saab Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., at the naval headquarters Bangkok.

Ministry of Defense approved the Navy’s procurement for Artillery Regiment-Marine Corps for land target search, consists of a radar target and control systems, military vehicles used radar installation and target systems, communications system and data links, radar moving target detection, training, support, logistics and technical information, testing, after-sales service, warranty, etc in order to meet the targets for fast accurate enough and timely determination of the commander in the field.

(Royal Thai Navy)

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