Romanian Army incepts Phoenix 30 unmanned air vehicles

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Romania’s army has a new quadrotor capability following the arrival of four UAV Solutions Phoenix 30 unmanned air vehicles.

The aircraft were delivered via the US Foreign Military Sales programme, which also includes the company’s Dragon View combined electro-optical/infrared stabilised camera, a ground control system, spares and ground support equipment.

The battery-powered UAV weighs 6kg (14lb) and can carry a 0.9kg payload with a 30-35min endurance. Maximum speed is 24kt (45km/h) and cruise speed is 15.5kt.

The Phoenix 30 is a VTOL Quad Rotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) that is ideal for military, first responders and civil applications. Ready in minutes, this intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform weighs approximately 10 lbs. The Phoenix 30 carries a pan and tilt electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) network/IP-based camera for easy video viewing from a UAVS ground control system (GCS),, laptop or tablet.


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