Poland presented the WR-300 HOMAR concept of a rocket launcher

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During  MSPO 2015, 23rd International Defence Industry Exhibition 2015 was presented the WR-300 HOMAR concept of a rocket launcher.

Concept of a rocket launcher HOMAR  using Lockheed Martin HIMARS  carries a single six-pack of MLRS rockets or one ATACMS missile system components and chassis Jelcz 663.32 – the same as for the self-propelled howitzer Krill.

Demonstrated by Lockheed Martin HIMARS system concept merges rocket launcher chassis Jelcz, developed originally for the purpose of self-propelled howitzer Krill. The fair presented a model of Jelcz 663.32 with a rocket HIMARS.

The Lockheed Martin representative explained that they have a plan for industrial cooperation and that Lockheed Martin is willing to support the modernization effort of the Polish industry.