Photo of Russian Navy Kilo sub «Novorossiysk» in Spain

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Photo of Russian Navy Kilo sub «Novorossiysk» departed Ceuta, Spain, on August 28

Earlier british MP Andrew Rosindell reportedly accused the Spanish government of a “clear provocation” against Gibraltar — a British overseas territory located less than 20 miles away from Ceuta and disputed by Spain. According to him, Spain has allowed the “Novorossiysk” submarine to enter the port to intimidate the population of the British enclave, the British newspaper Independent reported.

The conflict arose after Russia’s “Novorossiysk” submarine spent three days at the Spanish port of Ceuta to refuel and resupply.

Spanish officials are shocked by the negative reaction of British MPs after Spain allowed a Russian submarine to land in the Spanish port of Ceuta off Morocco and stay there for three days.



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