OVIK Crossway Developed Advanced Version of New Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle

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The OVIK Crossway has developed and tested an upgraded version of its new Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle and ready for dispatch to the customer.

That was reported by OVIK CEO Jez Hermer.

The new version of British armoured vehicle sports the most comprehensive electronics surveillance and communications suite yet; with the ability to transmit high definition video data anywhere in the world, with multiple surveillance camera systems including 4.2 metres, telescopic, mast-mounted thermal optics.

The vehicle is optimised for a number of highly specialised police firearms and counter-terrorism roles. Built entirely upon OVIK’s heavy duty CENTAUR chassis system.

OVIK Crossway armoured vehicles provide a fully flexible solution to suit a diverse range of modern operational armoured vehicle requirements. Rapidly re-roled and re-configured both internally and externally, Crossway armour delivers capability across a broad operational and threat spectrum, from counter terrorist duties to protected humanitarian logistics operations and from public order roles to police armed response support.


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