Nigeria celebrates delivery of first Super Mushshak basic trainer from Pakistan

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The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has celebrated the delivery of its first Super Mushshak basic trainer from Pakistan at a special ceremony.

According to IANS Pakistan, Nigeria’s government has bought 10 Super Mushshak aircraft from Pakistan to boost its air power for the Nigerian Air Force.

The Super Mushshak is fitted with an American 260 hp engine, cockpit air conditioning, electrical instruments, and electric/manual elevator and rudder trim, the aircraft has been developed to meet FAR part 23 certification in normal, utility and aerobatics categories. It has a spacious side-by-side cockpit allowing good contact between the pilot and the co-pilot/observer or between the student and the instructor.

The Super Mushshak meets the requirements of a modern primary training syllabus and is an ideal basic trainer for basic flight training and instrument flying.

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