New Wheeled Naval Infantry Personnel Carrier Developed in Russia

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Russian Naval Infantry is preparing to acquire a new fleet of wheeled armored vehicles to meet the attributes and metrics of the “Platform BMMP” requirement. The Russian Naval Infantry, (Marines, Morskaya Pekhota), or Russian Marines, is the amphibious force of the Russian Navy. The Naval Infantry Personnel Carrier in Russia has the code “Platform BMMP”.

Specially designed for operations at sea, with improved seaworthiness and buoyancy, capability to move afloat at Sea State 3 and high fire accuracy at sea force 2.The “Platform BMMP” design allows the vehicle to come out to coast under rough sea conditions and to tow the same-type vehicle. . This version can endure continuous amphibious operation for seven hours with the running engine.

The “Platform BMMP” will serve as a medium lift personnel carrier and complements the capabilities. The new wheeled naval infantry personnel carrier is designed and produced by the KAMAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) is a Russian truck manufacturer located in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russian Federation.

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