New Russian Altius-M long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle spotted at the airfield in Kazan

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Analysis of commercial satellite imagery indicates increased activity at a program of development of a new Russian Altius-M long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

The images show the new drone at the airfield in Kazan. The Altius-M is a long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle develops by reconnaissance missions and destroying targets that have been detected.

In 2011, the Tranzas won the Defense Ministry’s tender for the development of two kinds of heavy drones, the “Pacer” and Altius-M, which weigh 1 metric tons and 5 metric tons, respectively.

The 5-ton Altius-M aircraft system uses a modular approach with a variety of payloads to perform strike, reconnaissance and electronic warfare (EW) missions using the Khibiny or Borisoglebsk-2 jamming systems.

The aircraft system features a long wing design with two under-wing turboprop engines and a V-shaped tail. By its size and weight, it is similar to the United States Air Force (USAF) MQ-9 Reaper.

The Altius-M first flight was completed during 2014 with testing to be carried out during 2015. Enter into service is planned for 2017 or later.


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