New Russian Airdefense System “Luchnik-E” presents at TVM-2014 exhibition in Moscow

Luchnik-E self-propelled short-range air-defence missile system (c) @saidpvo
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New Russian Airdefense System “Luchnik-E” with Igla Missiles  presents  at TVM-2014 exhibition in Moscow.

The Luchnik-E short-range self-propelled air-defence missile system (SPSRAD MS) developed by KBM RPC, JSC together with SAZ JSC and GRPZ JSC is intended for protection of small-size assets and military units (including those on the march) from low-flying air threats by engaging them with 9M342 fire-and-forget missiles from the 9К338 Igla-S MANPADS in optical countermeasure and natural clutter environment, round-the-clock in an automatic mode of target detection and tracking.

The system is capable of defeating advanced fixed – and rotary-wing tactical aircraft, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles in the day- and night-time. The system can engage air threats while moving at up to 20km/h.


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