New MiG-35 fighter jet of Russian Air Force spotted outside Moscow

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The new Mikoyan MiG-35 (Fulcrum-F) multipurpose fighter aircraft of Russian Air Force was spotted in Zhukovsky outside Moscow.

Photographs of the MiG-35 fighter jet emerged on Russian plane-spotting website on 12 December.

The first prototype was a modification of the aircraft, that previously served as MiG-29M2 model demonstrator. Mikoyan design bureau the MiG-35 as 4++ generation fighter. Due to increased weight the new aircraft is now classed as medium-weight fighter.

In contrast with its predecessors, the MiG-35 has made significant evolutionary steps:

  • It carries more weapons;
  • Flight costs 2.5 times less;
  • Pilots use helmet imaging systems;
  • The fighter jet is equipped with a very sophisticated electronic warfare system and an anti-missile system;
  • It has a range of 5th generation aircraft characteristics etc.

The MiG-35 will be able to use the whole range of air-launched weapons in service with Russia’s Armed Forces. The plane can lock on ten targets simultaneously and hit four-six most dangerous objectives.

The MiG-35 is expected to become operational in 2020 after MiG-35 completes testing.

Photo by Alexsey

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