New low-visibility corvette spotted in North Korea

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A new modern-style corvette with low-observable radar characteristics has been spotted in North Korea’s northeastern port of Najin in Rason, high-resolution photos obtained exclusively by NK Pro have revealed.

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Two sets of photos taken during different periods in 2016 show a heavily armed, 77-meter long vessel with radar cross-section (RCS) reducing features docked adjacent to a helicopter-capable but minimally armed support ship.

Equipped with two Kumsong-3 anti-ship cruise missile launchers, a short-range surface-to-air missile system, torpedo launchers and rotary canons, the reduced-RCS corvette also includes capacity for large caliber naval cannon, the NK Pro analysis reveals.

Together, the two vessels – combined with two similar types docked near North Korea’s west coast port of Nampo – offer more evidence of a wider North Korean effort to build new naval assets in ways that could pose new threats to the U.S. and South Korea.

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