8th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment «MILEX-2017» in Belarus

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We will be glad to meet You in Minsk on the 8th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment «MILEX-2017» – one of the largest exhibitions in the East Europe. «MILEX-2017» highlights the tendencies and perspectives of the world armament market and demonstrates intellectual power and enormous potential of defense sector of the Republic of Belarus.

International exhibition “MILEX” – is not only a capability to present previous-year results but a means to demonstrate intention to move forward, to see a perspective.

Chives of military and defense-industry ministries and agencies of foreign states, representatives of expert and business community can get acquainted with the progressive achievements of scientific-technical concept of the best design bureaus of the Republic of Belarus, member states of CSTO and other countries, materialized in prospective samples of smart weapon and new armament systems, which fit in with new concepts of armored struggles performance.

High organization level, success and interest of foreign state- partners in the exhibition have always been a distinguishing feature of «MILEX» exhibition.

It is a significant instrument of output products marketing, which contributes to establishment and development of business relations, stimulating manufacture and creating favorable investment climate.

“Minsk-Arena”  220029, Minsk, Ya.Kupaly str., 27, NEC “BelExpo”

Project Manager: Sergey L. Rubtsov
Tel. (city): (+375 17) 237 71 18
Fax: (+375 17) 334 02 55
Mobile: (+375 29) 317 08 52
E-mail: milex@belexpo.by


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