Mi-35P helicopter of Sudanese Air Force spotted in Russia

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The Mi-35P attack helicopter of Sudanese Air Force was spotted in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Russian Helicopters won a contract for the repair of undisclosed number of attack helicopters  for Sudanese Air Force. Work on the first helicopters is being completed by  419 Aircraft Repair Plant in St. Petersburg.

ARP 419 specialises in overhauling all Mi-8/17-series military-transport helicopters, Mi-24 combat helicopters, as well as Ka-27, Ka-28 and Ka-29 naval helicopters. It also repairs all Mi-8/17-series and Ka-32 commercial helicopters.

The Mi-24P (Hind-F) is a gunship version of Mi-24 attack helicopter, which replaced the 12.7mm machine-gun with a fixed side-mounted 30mm GSh-30K twin-barrel cannon. The export version of the Mi-24P have name Mi-35P.


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