«Kaztehnologii» unveils updated version of the «Grad» multiple rocket launcher at KADEX 2016

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LLP «Kaztehnologii» unveils updated version of the «Grad» universal multiple rocket launcher at International Armament and Military-Technical Equipment Exhibition KADEX-2016, reported by military-informant.com.

The new  universal multiple rocket launcher is a new system that have improved range and more powerful warheads. The crew cabin is armoured and well protected.

The 40 tube launcher is fitted with a pin point target system and has a maximum firing distance of 20.4 and 40 km depending on ammunition, that guarantees much more precision at greater distances.  There is enough room for an additional 40 tube pack.

Technical Specifications : 

  • Caliber – 122 mm
  • Quantity of tube (guide) 40 pic
  • Maximum firing range – 20.4 (40) km
  • Time of full barrage -20 sec.
  • Deployment time -50 sec.
  • Leaving of fire position – 35 sec.
  • Destruction accidental objective – 20 sec.
  • Fuel distance – 500 km
  • Weapon – machinegun –  7.62 mm
  • Automatic preparing and fire control -ACSGF

The new  Kazakhstan universal multiple rocket launcher   based on KAMAZ chassis. An entire barrage is fired in less than 20 seconds.  After the test, it is expected that the updated system of multiple rocket launchers entered service Army Kazakhstan.

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