Kazakh air force fleet replenished with two overhauled An-26 military aircraft

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The Kazakh Air Force received has received its two overhauled An-26 military aircraft. On March 30, 2017, Ukrainian SE PLANT 410 CA aircraft-repair enterprise hosted the official handover ceremony of two overhauled AN-26 aircraft to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

SE PLANT 410 CA under the auspices of the SC “Ukrspetsexport”  had overhauled two aircraft of the Kazakh Defense Ministry.

The SE PLANT 410 CA top executives handed over the overhauled aircraft certificates and keys to the pilots-in-command, and thanked for the long-lasting fruitful cooperation.

The STATE ENTERPRISE «PLANT 410 CA » represents the powerful aircraft-repair enterprise – one of leaders in the post-Soviet space, as of today, executed overhaul more than six thousand aircraft and forty thousand the aviation engines, reputed stable and the responsible partner.

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