Jordan orders four Russian Mi-26T2 cargo helicopters

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King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau has signed a contract with Russian Helicopters company for the supply of four Mi-26T2 cargo helicopters used both for military and transportation purposes.

According to the Russian government website, the contract № RH-15-0651-04-1 was signed April 17, 2016.

The Mi-26 is the world’s largest helicopter, able to carry up to 82 passengers or 20,000 kg of load on a underneath sling cable or 20,000 inside the cabin. Normally it is manned by 5 or 6 crew members.

The cruise speed of the Mi-26 is 137 knots (158 mph / 255 kmh) at which it can cross 1,190 miles (1,920 km) with auxiliary tanks up to an altitude of 15,100 feet. The T2 is the most advanced version that should be able to fly any time under the most adverse weather conditions.

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