Iraq has ordered Antonov An-178 transport aircrafts

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Director of the company GP “Antonov” Mikhail nail in the exhibition of aeronautical engineering at the State Enterprise “Zavod 410 GA” announced the signing of a contract for the supply of new Ukrainian military transport aircraft for the benefit of the customer from Iraq.

“Right now, we already have a contract with Iraq. We have negotiated with China. We have to start serial production of the aircraft.” – Said Mikhail Gvozdev.

The An-178 is essentially an An-158 regional jet with a rear loading ramp (the two types share a number of components, including the front fuselage and cockpit, and nosewheel leg).

Development & Production give the An-178 a cargo hold measuring 16.65 m including ramp, or 12.85 m excluding ramp; a 2.745 m width at the floor, and a height of 2.75 m; a floor area of 40 m², and a hold volume of 125 m³ (both including the ramp). Its wingspan is 28.84 m, 32.95 m in length, and 10.14 m tall.

The aircraft has a maximum payload of 18 tonnes and a range of 1,000 km fully loaded. Its cruise speed is 445 kt, and requires a 2,500 m runway from which to operate.

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