Fourteen new Shaanxi Y-9 military transport aircraft spotted in China

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Photographs of the fourteen new Shaanxi Y-9 military transport aircraft at one of China’s military airfields, emerged on social media on 1 August.

Judging from the recently photos, there is no doubt that the Y-9 project has entered serial production.

According to Shanfei’s press release the Y-9 dual-purpose Tactical Transport Aircraft project has been restarted. Shanfei upper management acknowledged elements that caused the delay of this important project.

The Y-9 (Yun-9) is a medium-sized, medium-range turboprop multi-purpose transport aircraft designed and manufactured by Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation. Derived from the Y-8 (An-12 Cub) transport aircraft, the Y-9 features improved engines and modern avionics including a ‘glass’ cockpit, and is believed to be comparable to the U.S. Lockheed Martin C-130J in general performance.

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