First F-16AM Fighting Falcon purchased by Romania spotted in Portugal

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The first F-16AM Fighting Falcon multirole fighter aircraft  purchased by Romania Air Force spotted near Monte Real  in Portugal.

The aircraft (serial number M17-4 / 61-534) yet retains the Portuguese military number 15123, but has already received a new camouflage color.

In October 2013, Romania  bought 12 second-hand F-16AM/BM aircraft from Portugal to replace part of its fleet of Russian built MiG-21 Lancer fighter aircraft.

Romania was rumored to have paid about 638 million EUR with 120 million EUR for the acquisition of the planes. The contract also included modifications and upgrades performed by Lockheed Martin; additional engines; logistics support; and the training of 9 Romanian pilots and 69 maintenance technicians.

Romania is currently working on modernizing the Fetesti 86 military base which will be host to Romania’s first F-16s. Those are scheduled to arrive in 2016. The base must meet NATO standards by then.

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