Exclusive Interview with Michele Dèniz US Air Force Veteran and Singer-Songwriter

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We were recently fortunate to have a conversation with Michele Dèniz, a talented singer and songwriter and US Air Force Veteran who released her debut music video “Lion Heart” – a tribute to the US military servicemen & women as well as their families and all the American nation’s Veterans.

  • Our readers would like to know more about you and your family ?

Well, my husband as been active duty for almost 28 years, and we met as enlisted airmen together. He then crossed over and got commission. My husband is a maintenance officer by trade, but he currently is working with USAFE-UK to integrate the F35. He is about to be deployed to Afghanistan.

My son was also in the service for four years, as a JTAC, however he returned to school because he wants to cross over to the commission side and be a pilot.

I personally served in the air force in meteorology and got out to follow my husband when I had my son, and have been a military spouse and mother ever since! I’m currently stationed overseas and will stay here while my husband fulfills his deployment obligations.

You can say my music has been deeply affected by my family’s involvement in the service.

  •  Could you, please, speak about your service with the Air Force?

I served for four years as a Weather Specialist. I did well in the Air Force and was promoted early below the zone, and I received an achievement medal and things of that nature. I loved serving and if not for my family and wanting to stay together, I would have made a career in the Air Force as well.

  •  What is the main idea of your video?

Being in the military shaped my entire adult life, and my music as well, so the idea for “Lion Heart” was born out of that. “Lion Heart” is a personal look inside the journey military men and women go through from basic training to combat, and beyond. Featuring every branch of the military, the purpose behind “Lion Heart” is to provide a rarely seen insight into what it’s like to wear the uniform and the sacrifices that for so many, go unnoticed. My main goal with the video was to not only provide this “insider’s look” at Military life, but to also pay tribute to our men and women in uniform who make this country strong every single day. Military people and their families are ‘Lion Hearts,’ they have to fight like lions every day to protect all of us . . . I wanted them to know how much we appreciate what they do.

  • What are your plans for the future? Will they be related to the Armed Forced?

Absolutely. My very next video will be released early next year and will also be inspired by my Military life and devoted to our nation’s finest. I want to impart healing and raise awareness not only for those currently serving,but also for our country’s veterans and the many challenges they face after the service. The video will be titled “Shatterproof,” because I truly want to honor the tenacity, strength, and courage that it takes to not only overcome the adversities of war, but to embrace life afterward.

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