Egypt made request for purchase of new Russian Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile system

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Egypt has asked Russia to deliver the newest Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile system, that was reported by Izvestia.

According to the source, Egypt is planning to submit a request for the newest Russian Buk-M3 medium-range surface-to-air missile system.

“The Egypt has already sent an official request through the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation. However, the parties still need to agree on volumes, terms of performance and cost of the contract “, – said the source.

The Buk-M3 (NATO reporting name: SA-17 Grizzly) is a newest Russian medium-range surface-to-air missile system is a modernized version of the Buk-M2 system. The Buk-M3 developed by the Russian Defense Company Almaz-Antey.

This air defense system can engage tactical and strategic aircraft, helicopters, short-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, air-launched missiles, anti-radiation missiles, guided bombs and other aerodynamic vehicles. This air defense system can operate in heavy enemy jamming conditions.

Earlier Russia’s Air Defense Forces officially have received the first batteries of new Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile system.

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