Devtac develops unique full-face combat assault helmet

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Devtac company, in collaboration with Trust International Group, is developing a new combat assault helmets for special operations force and special weapons assault team.

The new unique full-face helmets were unveiled at IDEX 2017 defence show in Abu Dhabi. According to a company, eight countries have expressed interest and already have ordered samples for testing then.

The unique full-face combat assault helmet is equipped to protect soldiers from shrapnel and deadly headshots. With a construction capable of stopping a .44 Magnum, this makes for a serious protection during special operations. Stopping a bullet with a ballistic mask doesn’t mean soldier walk away unscathed, but full-face helmet increase the chance of survival.

The assault helmet is held together by neodymium N52 magnets that allow users to attach and remove the stock bulletproof cheek plates and install separate sights or optics.

DEVTAC Japan is a protective gear company that manufactures ballistic helmets and ballistic wearable gear.

Photo by DEVTAC

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